2013 Summit Sponsorship

2013 Summit Sponsorship

The New York Cooperative Network is now planning our Second Annual New York Cooperative Summit. The summit will be held in Syracuse on Saturday, September 28th, featuring expert speakers and presentations that will educate and inspire members of the cooperative movement – from experienced practitioners, to new enthusiasts. The Summit is an opportunity to:

  • Build relationships within the cooperative community of New York State,
  • Give existing cooperatives greater exposure to each other and the public,
  • Engage and support newcomers to the cooperative movement, and
  • Assemble a database of organizations and people interested in future opportunities to network for mutual benefit and growth of the cooperative movement.

Building on Success

Our first annual Cooperative Summit took place in 2012, commemorating the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives. 2012 Highlights:

  • Full-to-capacity event with 120+ attendees
  • Fourteen speakers from seven Northeast cities
  • Led to the creation of the Coop Network, with an expanded statewide focus in 2013

Call for Partners

The organizing committee is now seeking sponsors. Your support will help make the event:

  • Affordable to attendees, with a sliding scale for registration fees;
  • Free for limited-resource, cooperative businesses that want to gain exposure through info tables; and
  • Successful at reaching out to cooperatives and co-op members across the state, through event announcements, reminders, and other publicity.

Sponsor donations will be used to help pay for basic logistics including space, lunch, printed programs, and audio-visual resources. While most presenters are speaking without honoraria, sponsorships will also help us offset travel costs and compensate speakers, if necessary.

Sponsorship Levels Benefits

  • $20 Info Table level – Table; Registration for 1 attendee
  • $100 Cooperator level – Table; Registration for 1; Name listing in program & on website
  • $300: Franklin level – Table; Registration for 2; Small logo in program & on website
  • $500: Rochdale level – Table; Registration for 2; Large logo in program (front page) & on website
  • $1,000 Arizmendi level – Keynote Address sponsor (two available), plus everything at $500 level

The deadline for sponsorships is September 13th, 2013.

Checks should be made out to “GreenStar Cooperative” with a memo regarding the Summit, and mailed to

Joe Marraffino
GreenStar Cooperative Market
701 W Buffalo Street
Ithaca, NY 14850

Sponsorships can also be made online at the event registration page at https://nycoop2013.eventbrite.com.

Attendance and Outreach

Come showcase your organization and connect with the New York cooperative community. Learn from leaders in various cooperative sectors and help bring cooperative values to a growing audience interested in fostering equitable, local economies. Sponsors can register additional attendees for $10 per person. Tell your members and community about the event. Find information or join our email list at www.newyorkcooperative.net, contact us at newyorkcooperative@gmail.com, and stay in the loop through our NY Cooperative Network Facebook Page.

Public interest in working toward a more just and sustainable economic system is higher than it has been in years, and the need for innovative, cooperative strategies to reclaim control over our economic future is great. Join us in starting this discussion, and bringing the possibilities of cooperatives to scale in New York State.

A Grassroots Network of Co-ops

The New York Cooperative Network is a group of co-op businesses and advocates, banding together to foster a fair, democratic, and sustainable economy throughout our state. From agricultural and food co-ops, to credit unions and artists’ collectives, we are united by a shared vision: creating an environment where cooperatives can take root, benefit from fellowship and mutual aid, and become the backbone of vibrant communities. Learn more at www.newyorkcooperative.net, contact us at newyorkcooperative@gmail.com, or find our Facebook Page: NY Cooperative Network.

Cooperatives Build our Economy

“In the United States, more than 130 million people are members of a co-op or credit union. More Americans hold membership in a co-op than hold shares in the stock market.”

“Cooperatives were largely sidelined during the rise of the industrial age. But current trends indicate that conditions may be ripe for a surge in cooperative enterprises.”

“In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, businesses, products, and services that benefit people, communities, and the planet – instead of a few megabanks”

Source: “How Cooperatives are Driving the New Economy,” YES! Magazine, Spring 2013