Network Goals

Development & Financing

  • Connect co-op movement to economic development agendas in the public and private sectors
  • Build capacity, environment, and tools for worker co-op development
    • Youth
    • Low wage workers
  • Create mechanisms to finance co-op businesses
    • Lender education
    • Option for borrowers
  • Create opportunities for Community Development Credit Unions and other CDFIs to access capital that can be leveraged for co-op development

Promotion/Public Awareness

  • Be a force for co-op strength and promotion
  • Raise public awareness of the benefits and positive impacts
    • Supporting co-op businesses
  • Create and promote value chains
  • Create platform for grassroots capital campaigns to benefit co-op development

Skill Sharing, Resource Training, Trust Building

  • Community of practice for cooperators, learning from educators across the state
  • Surfacing problems & opportunities from grassroots to state level
  • Curating tools and resources for cooperators
    • Technology tools
    • Accessing capital
    • Health insurance for worker co-ops
  • Purchasing
    • Economies of scale with shared tools

Movement Building

  • Contribute to creating a sustainable network
  • Documentation of the process
  • Contacts for people willing to help support co-op startups
  • Create a structure for organizing across co-op sectors
  • Advocacy