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November 19, 2014

Past Info from NCBA and NY Coop Network Process

Thanks, Frank. Work has been happening, and the pace is picking up after our energizing meeting.

I just sent out an invitation to a google.doc that contains the memo prepared for New York Cooperative Network via the Syracuse University Community Development Law Clinic. I pursued this, based on decisions taken earlier this year to:

–incorporate student volunteers for research as appropriate and available

–action item for me and Joe M. to look into ways for us to accept funding for future programming.

Please don’t edit or comment on the doc directly– we want to keep a record of the as-is memo, too.


On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 3:41 PM, Frank Cetera <ceteraf> wrote:

We met on Thursday June 19 in Binghamton, (we also had a conference call in December as a follow-up to the Summit and the info garnered there, as well as a March/April check-in and planning for the June meeting) as a follow up to the Fall 2013 Summit event, and post-summit organizing meeting held in Syracuse. Everyone included in the email list here are either from this past weekend’s meeting on Ithaca, or from the group of people who attended the post-Summit meeting last fall who wanted to be “on-board” as part of the ongoing planning process.

Please refer to the notes and the timeline of actions steps I’ve incorporated into this Google Doc which is the NCBA Tier process template:


I’ve posted a simple strategic planning template as a Google Doc for us to work within. You can find it at:


As you can see, beyond me sending out this info originally in late June, no other progress was made. I certainly accept some responsibility for that, but also ask for mercy as I left the state for two weeks (and the country for one) very soon after this meeting, and when I got back was trying to play catch-up with many things.

Thanks to our note-takers on Saturday, and let me say I feel very positive and invigorated after the meeting and spending time with you all. I hope this info is helpful for everyone.

~ Frank

p.s. Notes from December meeting, and info from the Post-Summit meeting are at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XDiRK3w41XWHdXJtHHcBnXzLqXRNG0SKwKqGfHmgOx4/edit?usp=sharing